Arte MK Makes Waves on Social Media

Videography by Heartpatrick, KL/SG based photographer (click here to watch the video)

The social media is abuzz with amateur and professional photographyof recently completed ArteMK. A popular destination for fashionistas and social media influencers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for promotional photoshoots videos, the project has been used as a commercial backdrop for luggage label ‘Tumitravel’ and Wedding gown boutique “Dressaville”. Popular Instagram influencer and Malaysia/Singapore based photographer Heartpatrick has been documenting the project’s construction progress and its impact on Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

Images of Arte MK in Tumi travel adverts, photography credit: Tumi Malaysia

Images of Arte MK in Wedding gown boutique “Dressaville” adverts, photography credit: Dressaville

Image of Arte MK on heartpatrick page, photography credit: heartpatrick

Aerial image of Arte MK, photography credit: heartpatrick

Arte Mont Kiara is unique expression and transformation of the typical “local” standard residential typology. The project comprising of two residential towers and a hotel form a ‘crescendo’, a sculpted composition marking this key site in Kuala Lumpur’s residential district Mont Kiara.

Façade of Arte MK, photography credit: heartpatrick

At 236m and 58 storeys, the residential towers are complemented by a second skin, a series of fins that provide the 3 buildings with a single homogeneous form: The fins form a diaphanous layer, like the “friction ridge” pattern of a thumb print with loops, whorls and arches. The aluminium aero-foils manipulate the tower envelopes radically transforming their appearance via the unique variation in shapes created by the relationship of the fins to one another.

Podium, photography credit: heartpatrick

The podium car park is similarly shrouded with horizontal fins massaging the box of the podium into an exuberant expression of arrival and building address. Arte MK is a playful interpretation of the typical residential typology and when complimented by the client’s “retro French interiors” it becomes an artistic articulation of KL domesticity into something unique and wonderful.