Heartfelt Wishes For a Great Year of the Ox

2020 was the 20th anniversary of SPARK working in Asia; and as we enter the Year of the Ox 2021 we are grateful to say that we are still able to bring SPARK’s borderless design brand supported by technological and ecological ingenuity to the city.

In these times global uncertainty brought about by the pandemic we need to radically rethink of our role as designers and the contribution we can make to society.

Modern attitudes to cities have been closely linked to health. A century or so ago, diseases made density a killer, and so cities were depopulated, their teeming streets replaced with green open spaces. Covid-19 has changed the way we experience the city. The pandemic has offered views of public places with fewer cars and cleaner air, roads you can stroll down and cycle without danger. It has certainly made some things more precious, such as open spaces and green parks. It has renewed our appreciation of the value the social infrastructures we perhaps have taken for granted. It has heightened awareness of the ways in which one person’s actions can affect another’s. It has hopefully made everyone more conscious of the ways they occupy space in relation to other people.

Potential lies in creativity and inspiration that can lift the lid on wasteful new building, where opportunities for transforming and renovation of existing buildings “retro-first” exist to support a closer to carbon-neutral objective. Creativity and social innovation, will provide new solutions for our post pandemic society.
These social and environmental values are something we at SPARK plan taking forward and make meaningful in the year of the Ox.

Watch this space…Happy New Year of the Ox from all of us at SPARK….and our fundamental belief in creativity.