Spark awarded “China 50 Most Innovative Companies 2014”


The Chinese edition of Fast Company, a well-known American business magazine, has released its list of China’s “50 Most Innovative Companies 2014 (MIC50)”. This follows its evaluation of the performance of more than 1,000 enterprises in terms of innovation. SPARK has been honoured with inclusion in the list, and was the only architectural design company to be recognised.

The annual MIC50 is not only a summary of the previous year’s activity, but also a forecast for the future. Top-ranking companies such as Apple Corp., Facebook and Nike have appeared in the list in the past. This year is the first time that MIC50 has focused on China.

The MIC judges (a panel of professionals and senior media figures) evaluated that SPARK “makes space intelligent”. The assessment centred on the Singapore studio’s Solar Orchid project.The jurors were unanimous in their praise for Solar Orchid’s “comprehensive enhancement of the flexibility of urban life”.

Said SPARK’s Singapore Director Stephen Pimbley, “We are pleased to see SPARK’s innovative spirit being celebrated internationally by this award. We have a diverse international team of more than 100 professional designers working in four studios: Beijing, London, Shanghai and Singapore. Every studio has its unique creative spark. I believe it is also the rich cultural diversity and professional experience of our team members that allows us to look at issues from multiple angles, and to achieve innovative solutions. SPARK’s receipt of this accolade highlights our bold vision of raising the quality of urban and public life through innovative architectural design.”