SPARK in the Doghouse

SPARK has been invited by BowWow Haus and The Blue Cross to submit a design proposal and prototype of a dog house. Up to 75 international architect and designers will exhibit their prototypes in London next year before the dog houses are auctioned in support of the Blue Cross for Pets Charity.

SPARK will contribute 3 different dog house designs the winners selected from designs prepared by our Shanghai, Singapore and London studios.

Dog house 1. “PET 1”

The dog house is composed from recycled (PET1) plastic containers. PET 1 is one of the most common plastics and used in the majority single use disposable drinks bottles and other containers. 1 million PET 1 plastic bottles are bought by consumers around the world every minute, 20,000 every second. 80% of these plastic bottles are NOT recycled, ending up in landfill or the ocean. Researchers suggest that by 2050 the weight of plastics in the ocean will outweigh the combined weight of all fish. PET 1 like HDPE 2 is an easily recyclable plastic, SPARK’s dog house proposal is a reminder that we need to be more inventive how we deal with the plastic epidemic that our wasteful society faces.

Dog house 2. “Reservoir Dogs”

What do do when your canine chum has friends around for a sleep over? SPARK proposes a terrace of different sized and shaped doghouses in the round with a drinking pool at it centre. A paradigm for canine conviviality.

Dog house 3. “Dog in a terrapin home”

Our dog finds its new home in a repurposed super-sized terrapin shell. A wearable all weather multi-purpose shelter for a hound on the move.

Terrapins are small, hard-shell turtles, coincidentally “Terrapin” is the product name of a portable building manufacturer, the term “terrapin building” is often used to describe modular and prefabricated enclosures.