SPARK is pleased to announce that its first doghouse “PET” made from nearly 500 up-cycled plastic drinking bottles is making its way from Singapore to London courtesy of some very nice courier chaps who packed the doghouse into a large air freight crate.

It was sad to see it go as we have lived through its nascent construction stages right up to a local auntie adding the finishing “coach work” touch via a bespoke yellow polka dot covered cushion.

The PET doghouse was designed, printed and manufactured  in our Singapore studios by our team of 6 interns under the supervision of SPARK’s Luca Maccarinelli  who will be flying to London next month to attend the exhibition and auction of the doghouses in aid of the Blue Cross animal charity.

We had a lot of fun making the doghouse as did its first test resident Buddy the Golden Retriever when he came to our studios for a visit to inspect the final product.

We hope that PET 1 realises a few quid for this extraordinary charity when it is put up for sale in March.

Going one, going twice, sold.

 Woof Woof