Spark’s Home Farm and Solar Orchid projects feature in Singapore’s The Future of US Exhibition

To be an architect you have to be an optimist – to believe in a future that can be better.
An optimistic view of the future is the underlying tenet of the current “Future of Us” exhibition at Singapore’s Marina Bay, which runs from the 1st December 2015 to 8th March 2016. Curated to showcase the potential of the next 50 years of the republic as it completes the celebrations of its first 50 years as an independent nation.

SPARK is privileged to have on display 2 of its projects, HomeFarm and Solar Orchid on display. Both projects advocate the vital role designers, manufacturers and developers have as advocates of sustainable solutions to set goals and incentives for society to follow.

The urbanization of Singapore since the 1960’s has been unprecedented, fast and furious but Singapore unlike many of its Asian neighbors has managed to combine the best of lessons from the past with innovative technology in a garden environment, some would say it is the ideal city; but what of the next 50 years?

The Future of Us is designed to stimulate discussion and SPARK alongside Singapore’s other thought leading design studios are reaching beyond notions of just beautifying the city and creating more real estate development opportunities to posit concepts that deal with pertinent problems that face the island nation over the next 50 years in a manner that is life enhancing.

Stephen Pimbley, SPARK Director shares,

“The city of today as the city of tomorrow is a response to various human needs. As an architect I have a responsibility to tackle the challenges we face as the world’s populations proliferate, become increasingly aged and more urbanised. The Future of Us Exhibition has provided a platform for SPARK to showcase our ideas how architecture can communicate memory, values and a sense of place, sensibilities that I employ in my work and which I believe are vital to the future social and environmental sustainability of Singapore.”