Spark’s Home Farm on world stage

SPARK’s Home Farm a unique concept that marries retirement living with urban farming will be presented at 2 key events over the next few months.

First Stephen Pimbley presents Home Farm at the IUAES Inter-Congress 2015 at Thammaset University Bangkok 15-17th July.

The conference focuses on re-imagining anthropological and sociological boundaries. SPARK’s Home Farm research was submitted and selected as a paper for presentation and panel discussion amongst the academics attending.


Second, Home Farm makes it onto the main stage of the World Architectural Festival WAF at Singapore’s Suntec City 4-6th November 2015, again Stephen Pimbley will be presenting the design proposals and the alarming conditions in parts of Asia that inspired the project.


Third, Home Farm will be presented by Stephen at the World EXPO in Milan on the 29th September at the Villa Necchi Campiglio as part of the UKTI’s “Great British” focussed EXPO event.