SPARK’s Minhang Riverfront Transformation Nears Completion

Next week on 31st October marks the seventh World Cities Day, this year’s theme is ” Valuing Our Communities and Cities “. Through the implementation of local community planning to promote sustainable urban development and improve the living environment.

SPARK’s Shanghai Minhang Riverfront transformation adds vitality to the community, enhancing its image and importantly the quality of environment through the implementation of people sensitive landscapes that improve accessibility to the river and innovative installations that create varying pockets of activity along this 750metre section of the Minhang River.

Site before upgrading works

Landscape concept

SPARK’s design concept used the single cell Diatom as a recurring motif. Diatoms are single cell algae of many beautiful forms that naturally clean water. We have abstracted the Diatom form into two- and three-dimensional objects that animate the river embankment telling the story river and environment in regeneration.

Master plan and aerial perspective

Divided into four zones, the riverfront is activated with lawns, cafés, a sports park, running track and a large event plaza. Three pedestrian bridges span the river connecting seamlessly the riverfront foot paths.

Sketch of pedestrian bridge 3

Perspective of pedestrian bridge 2

Pedestrian bridge 2 and event plaza

Pedestrian bridge 1

SPARK’s proposals are socially and environmentally responsive aiding the rehabilitation of the river whilst providing an attractive destination for pedestrians and cyclists and a much-improved river threshold for the office buildings that face the water’s edges.

Riverfront boardwalk

SPARK designed a bespoke wayfinding and furniture strategy that contributes to the storytelling and accessibility the transformed environment.

Aerial View

Collage impressions of the future neoBay

The project will be complete by the end of November 2020, stay tuned for further information.