Wenhui Speaks at Indesign Live Singapore

SPARK partner Lim Wenhui spoke at Indesign Live in Singapore earlier this October.Many luminaries from Singapore’s design industry were invited to speak at the day-long event which took place at a variety of venues and product showrooms.

Wenhui’s panel discussion “from bricks to clicks’ focused on the prescient issue of online and offline retail and its current and future impact on traditional places of shopping and associated urban environments. Wenhui spoke about SPARK’s Shekou outdoor retail project and its permeable public environment that has been a big magnet for events since its opening last year. Wenhui also showcased SPARK’s theoretical ideas for the future of Orchard Road “An Orchard for People 2025” how Orchard Road could transform with the removal of the traffic that currently undermines the ability of the street to change to provide a more convivial social environment in the spirt of its colonial roots as a calm environment for walking amongst the orchard’s fruit trees.

The Singapore Indesign Event was a huge success attracting hundreds of industry participants from Japan, SE Asia and Australia.

The online review can be read here:

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