Spark’s Home Farm wins Future – Experimental Project at World Architecture Festival 2015

SPARK is pleased to announce that its Home Farm project has won Future- Experimental Project at the 2015 World Architecture Festival held in Singapore. The project a residential development focused on aged care living is combined with a productive garden which provides a modest income for its elderly community.

Home Farm was designed not to isolate its residents from the wider community and to provide a familiar caring family environment for those who require medical care in their later years. Home Farm aims to provide a cross section of accommodation for single residents through to 3 generation apartments. The apartments are supplemented by a range of other public facilities including a clinic, crèche, farm shop and food court.

Stephen Pimbley SPARK’s director shared

“I am very touched and proud to have won this award especially as it is an affirmation and recognition of SPARK’s work and the thoughtfulness applied to the Home Farm project by our colleagues and peers in the architectural profession. I have been fortunate to have worked earlier in my career before starting SPARK for 2 celebrated UK architectural practices that instilled in me the idea that you do not need to be commissioned or have a client before you can and should commit ideas to paper. Home Farm is a project that celebrates social value and inclusivity, characteristics that underpin the role of the architect in to improve the quality of people’s lives using our skill, imagination and energy.”