Starhill Gallery featured in Brand Spaces

Spark’s Kuala Lumpur based Starhill Gallery has been published in the book “Brand Spaces” showcasing cutting-edge design concepts from around the world that communicate brand identity in 3 dimensions.

Key decision makers from leading brands, Audi, Camper, Aesop, Freitag, Gaggenau, Nike, Nokia, and Starbucks share their thoughts on the effective communication of brand identities that respond to local context.

A wide range of exceptional examples of contemporary design prove that even less significant brands and retailers can be as thought provoking and groundbreaking as their global counterparts.

Brand Spaces illustrates how design pioneers are creating branded worlds that are a must see, places that have become urban landmarks and community hubs that provide us with emotionally charged experiences where we buy products as souvenirs that preserve the memory.

Spark’s architecture for the LVMH brand at Starjhill Gallery has become a successful internationally recognised brand icon and a key contributing part of Kuala Lumpur’s continuing development as a world city.